Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Food Nazis

OK, I think everyone has heard about the banning of goose liver pate (I had to check how to spell that) and the elimination of other foods or food ingredients by cities or other government agencies. Trans fats seem to be the biggest public enemy. Another interesting idea is "extreme eating". Recently in a discussion I had a man tell me that "you should never, ever, eat pork". Why? He said he had read an article about how bad it is for your liver or something.

No food is intrinsically bad for you unless you eat too much or are allergic to it. I love pork and chicken and eat a little beef. I can do without turkey. I have cut back dramatically on eggs and cheese, but still wolf down a slice or two on toast, which is where I get my calcium, as I do not drink milk. I also avoid eating after 6 or 7 in the evening if I can, as I think that is another thing that puts on the pounds.

As far as good food, most things you can make for yourself are OK. Processed foods, like microwave dinners and frozen, prepared chicken patties are out; too much sodium and other crap. For the most part I try to eat real food and especially like slow cooked or baked foods, but succumb to the temptation of fries once in a while, I have to confess.

So, what is making us fat? I think sitting on our butts too much is one thing and a reliance on over-prepared foods. Diet pop is another villain, I think, but the jury is out on that one.

Just don't try to take my coffee away from me...

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