Monday, March 12, 2007

Is Food today Crap?

OK, I have a proposition, that for the most part the food we eat today is processed junk. It has been chopped, formed and presented in what seems to be an appetizing manner. I walk down the aisle of the local super market and look and I see a bunch of crap. Prepared and frozen dinners, processed chicken patties, beef patties and the like. Have you eaten a fish stick lately? There is more breading then fish for God's sake.

Then there is the diet shit. Yep, I said shit. It is even worse, but they make you think it is better for you. I hate it.

Here is an article about a book that has just been republished. OK, it is about Australian food, but for the most part the poor Aussies are more American about food than Americans are. One Continuous Picnic by Michael Symons is a book about food and how we waste all sorts of energy and food in getting our food today. No, it would not be easy or maybe even possible to turn back the clock, but that does not mean you have to bow down to the "man".


  1. When possible, buy fresh, uncooked food and cook it yourself.
  2. NEVER buy the anything with artificial sweetener in it if you can help it.
  3. DO NOT eat deep fried foods if you can help it. I will only eat French fries once a week.
  4. Drink REAL coffee, not a mocha with coconut and pineapple in it
  5. Eat bread with stuff in it, never white bread.
  6. Learn to cook one new dish a month and use one new spice in it

OK, that is ambitious and possibly contradictory in a way, but food is important. OH, and if you can help it, never eat alone. It is not healthy, either.

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LANCE said...

I ate deep fried wings and onion rings tonight... but it was for a good cause. Bad boy...