Sunday, March 4, 2007

Why this name?

Food is what keeps us alive. You can live without love, companionship, even without a house over your head if you can find a good, deep cave to call home. But, without food, we are dead, just gone. OK, water is nice to have and air, but even those are no good without nutrients.

So, is this going to be about sucky French cuisine and things you can't make unless you have a gourmet kitchen. NO! This blog is for good, solid, easy to cook, delicious food. No organic crap or anything like that and if you are far phobic you may as well leave, because I cook and recommend real food!

No, this is not a restaurant blog either, as I live in Ketchikan, Alaska, which is one reason I like to cook for myself, since most of the restaurants here suck.

So, that said, I hope you like my recipes and rants about food. If you have any you want me to try and pass along let me know!

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